Razz Poker Guide

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Razz poker is a variation of seven card stud. It is very similar to 7 card stud hi-lo but with a couple differences. Razz is a true lowball game that only pays the player with the lowest hand and there is no requirement for the low hand. Razz poker is becoming more popular in the word of online poker and now can be played at several of the top poker rooms. The rules of razz poker are quite simple to understand, especially if you are familiar with 7 card stud. If you already know how to play please read our Razz Poker strategy guide to improve your skills. Below is a step by step guide on how to play razz poker.


Razz Poker Rules - Ante and Betting Structure


Here are the Razz poker rules for the betting structure and antes. To start a hand of razz every player will place an ante in the pot. The ante amount is usually between 5-10% of the of the high stake, for instance if you are playing at a $5/$10 the ante will be between $.50 and $1. Each player will then be dealt two down cards, also known as hole cards, and one up card. The player with the highest ranking up card will be forced to put in a “bring in”. The “bring in” in addition to the initial ante typically add up to 1/2 of the lower stake, for a $5/$10 game the lower stake would be $5. After the “bring in” the other places have the option to fold, call or raise.


Razz Poker Rules - The Game Play


Once the initial betting is done each player will receive another up card. From this point in the hand forward the player with the lowest up cards will bet first. Each player will be dealt a total of 4 up cards and there will be a bet after each is dealt. A final down card will be dealt along with one final bet. The player with the lowest 5 card hand will win the pot.


Playing Razz Poker Online


Plenty of online poker rooms offer Razz but finding a room that offers a lot of Razz traffic can be difficult. Razz is currently growing at a decent rate but it is still far from being a very popular game. What draws many skilled players to Razz is the fact that many of the people playing it do not play it very well. Its not like Holdem or Omaha where a majority of the players are playing properly. Razz poker is a game where a skilled player can dominate the table.

Playing 7 Card Stud Online

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Seven card stud can be played at virtually every poker room on the internet. In terms of traffic 7 card stud is the third most popular poker game played online, right behind the Omaha variations and of course Texas Holdem. At many rooms the traffic found at the 7 card stud tables is quite low so you will have to some research to find the best 7 card stud rooms.


7 Card Stud Rules


Seven card stud can be played one of two ways. The first is the standard stud game in which the player with the highest 5 card hand wins the pot. The second is the split pot version called 7 card stud hi-lo. Both games use the same format and basic rules. Here are the rules of 7 card stud.


Each player will ante and will be dealt two down cards and one up card. The player with the lowest up card will be forced to complete the ante and the other players will proceed to fold/call/raise in a clockwise manner. Three more up cards will be dealt one by one to each player and there will be bets after each. The final card will be dealt face down and then one more bet will occur. The player with the best 5 card hand will win the pot.


In the split pot version the player with the lowest hand will win half the pot. Straights and flushes do not count for the low but there is a requirement of your highest card being 8 or less to qualify for the low pot. You can win both pots in 7 card stud high low. If you have A-2-3-4-5 and your opponent has two pair with no qualifying low hand then you will win the entire pot because you have the lowest possible hand and you have a straight for the high hand.


7 Card Stud Strategy


An important 7 card stud strategy is remembering folded cards. Using this information to help you make decisions at the poker table is vital. Hand selection is also very important. You should not be playing any three cards. Pairs, 3 cards to a flush or straight are all acceptable starting hand in stud. If you are playing against very low players a hand like A-K-X may be worth calling a couple bets to see if you pick anything up.

Mixed Poker Games

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Many of the top online poker rooms offer a variety of mixed poker games. This article will be a guide to players that want to learn more about mixed poker games and where they are played. We will look at the most popular mixed poker games and some of the new variations that are becoming extremely popular these days.


H.O.R.S.E Poker – Most Popular Mixed Poker Game


H.O.R.S.E Poker has always been the most popular and well known mixed poker game. This game is played exclusively in fixed limit and is offered at several of the largest online poker rooms. HORSE  consists of Holdem, Omaha Hi-Lo, Razz, Stud and Stud Hi-Lo. Typically you will play each game in the rotation 8-10 hands.


H.A. Poker – Mixed Poker Game For Pot Limit Players


HA poker is very popular amongst pot limit poker players. You can play it at several of the top online poker rooms and I expect other rooms to pick it up soon. H.A. poker consists of pot limit Texas Holdem and pot limit Omaha. This is a great choice for players that like the concept of mixed poker games but do not enjoy playing fixed limit poker.


8 Game Mix Poker – The Up & Coming Star


8 game mix or 8 game poker is a new mixed game offered by Pokerstars. I consider 8 game poker to be the king of mixed poker games. This game consists of the following games:


T - Fixed Limit 2-7 Triple Draw

H- Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em

O – Fixed Limit Omaha Hi-Lo

R - Razz Poker

S – Fixed Limit 7 Card Stud

E – Fixed Limit 7 Card Stud Hi-Lo

H - No Limit Texas Hold’em

A - Pot Limit Omaha

As you can imagine it takes a lot of skill and experience to play this game successfully. If you can manage to master all 8 games or even just master a few and play the others decently you can really make a lot of money.

Carbon Poker Guide

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Carbon Poker is one of the leading online poker rooms for players from the United States and abroad. Carbon offers a nice deposit bonus, great software and excellent promotions. This article is a guide to signing up at Carbon Poker and receiving our exclusive deposit bonus. Follow the steps below to receive a 100% match up to $600 plus entry into two separate freeroll series.  Even if you do not plan on making a deposit in the near future or ever for that matter you will still get some incentives to play at Carbon Poker’s free money tables and the countless freerolls they offer.


Downloading The Carbon Poker Software & Signing Up


The first thing you need to do is download Carbon Poker’s free software and create an account. After you have downloaded the software you will come to a screen with three options; Basic Account, Full Account and Existing Account. If you plan on playing for real money it is best to do a full account.  Once you have signed up for your account and logged into the playing platform you will need to verify your email address.


Carbon Poker Coupon Code Entry


When you are ready to make your first deposit you will need to enter a coupon code on the deposit screen in order to receive the special first deposit bonus and admission into the special freeroll tournaments. Use the Carbon Poker coupon code TOPCODE to receive a 100% match on your first deposit up to $600. You will also be able to play in the new depositor freerolls for 7 days. These freerolls have a $500 prize pool and run daily. With only around 100 players competing in them these freerolls offer a lot of value. If you do not plan on making a deposit right away you can still play in the new player freerolls for 30 days. These only offer a $50 prize pool and have many more players competing in them but they do run every few hours so you have a good chance at building up your bankroll from scratch.


Hold Em Poker Strategy world

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As the world keeps on spinning, the Merge poker network keeps on growing. Propelling the surge to the top is a brand new up-and-coming room, Aced poker.

Aced opened its doors in 2008, and has been attracting a steady stream of signups ever since. At any given time there are around 500 cash game players duking it out on the tables, and thousands of tournament players competing for prize pools. In addition to naturally booming traffic, Aced has been seeing lots of sign-ups since they recently signed poker pro, Jamie Gold to a sponsorship deal. The Aced poker review at HSW says it all!

The best thing about Aced poker at the moment is that it’s still a relatively unknown room. The sharks haven’t really found out about it yet, so the fishpool is still pretty huge. The addition of Jamie Gold to team Aced will surely keep the donks flowing in. I’ve heard industry insiders predicting that Gold will do for Aced what Moneymaker did for PokerStars. If you were around for that, you know that the boom was huge!

The main reason to play at Aced is obviously to fry the fish, but there are many others. The software is really, really nice. It’s a simple, black-themed skin, that’s very easy on the eyes. The tables are large, and the cards are extremely readable- the four-color deck helps, too. Buttons don’t stick, unlike the buttons at some major poker rooms, which is nice.

Another reason to give Aced a try is the massive amount of free cash you can get just for depositing. Aced offers its players a CRAZY 100% up to $1000 bonus on their first deposit. That’s right- 100%, up to one THOUSAND dollars! I don’t think there’s a bigger bonus available out there on the net, to be honest. Aced has the largest by far!

Aced runs all sorts of guaranteed tournaments in all types and structures. The multi-table tourney grinder will find an abundance of different variations and structures to play, at any time of the day. Shootouts, freezeouts, satellites- you name it, Aced has it. Games spread include No Limit Holdem, Limit Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha, Limit Omaha, Omaha 8, Razz, Stud, Stud 8, and MORE!

The options are endless! Try playing at the web’s latest and best poker room, Aced poker! Don’t forget to claim your bonus from Holdem Strategy World, the home of Holdem Strategy on the web.

Gambling Happy – The Best Guide for Online Gamblers

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Gambling Happy is one of the most important websites you could utilize within the modern world of online gambling because it is a website that looks at the best sites around and indicates how good they are within the overall aspect of things. With information about trusted online casinos such as English Harbour Casino as well as information about great poker sites and even bingo sites like Platinum Play Bingo, Gambling Happy is one of the best online gambling resources you could ever come across within the context of the online world.

Main Strengths

Perhaps the biggest strength that Gambling Happy brings to the table in its reliability has to be the support they offer for all of the reviews that they put up on their website. There are many excellent reviews of different casinos, bingo parlors and poker sites on Gambling Happy and then based on those reviews they then compile their lists of trusted online casinos, bingo parlors and poker rooms. In essence, this methodology allows you to see intricately why certain sites make that list and certain sites do not and because of that you really have the ability to trust them more because you know more about what goes into their creation.

A good example of this from the casino side of things would be the English Harbour Casino. This is one of the most trusted casino sites around, but such is the integrity of Gambling Happy that they do not receive a pass from this particular website at all. In fact, they receive the same rigorous analysis from the website and it is only at the end of that analysis that they are then added to the list of trusted online casinos. This is just one example of how Gambling Happy is looking out for you and it can once again be seen in their review of Platinum Play Bingo, once again a very respected online gambling site that most of the other review sites would probably be lenient on.

Secondary Strengths

Secondarily speaking, another strength that Gambling Happy has is a collation of information in one place. For example, in addition to their lists of trusted online casinos, they will also have information available about recent news regarding those casinos as well as information regarding bonus offers and other promotions that those casinos have. English Harbour Casino can once again be used as an example here as if you look at that particular section of the website, Gambling Happy has a wealth of information available about them. The same can be said about Platinum Play Bingo and all of their excellent promotional offers.

Finally, one last strength that is worth pointing out regarding Gambling Happy has to do with their secondary resources. In addition to information about specific sites, they have online gambling general information such as instructions on how to play each game, news about the industry and many other things the average online gambler might find useful, but might not have access to under normal conditions.

Price per Head Outsourcing, a New Model

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In most places within the United States of America, betting, in one form or another, is a widely accepted social practice. So it is no surprise that almost every American knows a local bookmaker; in fact, most have placed a wager with one. But few know that the call they just made to the local bookie often involves getting redirected to an overseas clerk thousands of miles away, sitting on the other end of the line. For it is not often that someone will pay a second thought to the process that goes on behind the scenes when a player places a wager with a local bookie through a price per head outsourcing company.

Local bookmakers, stereotyped as uneducated and backward people are more often than not highly skilled professionals with international contracts to high tech sportsbook outsourcing companies. These outsourcing companies help bookies around the world deal with the many issues that arise in this line of business. They offer these services on a price per head basis. And when we say price per head, we do not mean a system to sell cattle, but rather the system where local bookies are charged a fixed fee per player per week for a PPH outsourcing company to handle the bookie’s clients.

The price per head outsourcing model offers many benefits for the local bookmaker since these companies can fulfill the bulk of a bookie’s work for a relatively small fee. Some of the many issues these companies can take care of include:

  • Answering Calls
    For many betting agents, this is among the most time consuming and legally risky parts of the business. One of the reasons for this is that most calls are made from cell phones which are extremely easy to intercept.
  • Writing Bets
    A predominant clique of the industry is the image of a bookie writing bets sitting next to a bucket of water, just in case. With offshore bookmaking, this risk is not only eliminated, but the time consuming factor is also taken away.
  • Controlling Steam and Keeping up to Date Lines
    This is the most financially risky part of the business, and while there is no doubt that most bookies are well adept at keeping their lines up to date, it is very hard for one person to fulfill this task as well as the team of professionals most pay per head service providers can boast.

All in all, the PPH bookmaker outsourcing model has revolutionized the local betting industry and like with any popularly embraced innovation, there is plenty of room for both exponential growth as well as consolidation.

Play Horse Poker

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The latest poker variation HORSE Poker actually is an exciting combination of five different poker games that includes Texas Holdem, Omaha High Low, Razz, Seven-card stud, Seven Card Stud Eight or Better. It is meant actually for highly skilled poker players, as in HORSE the skill plays an important role if compared with other poker variations. The World Series of Poker also has included HORSE tournaments.

Success at HORSE entirely depends upon the player’s individual skill. Playing these games demands a large degree of skill. The skilled opponents will rather throw out those players who are without proper skill. And that is why the outstanding poker players enjoy playing HORSE to a great extent.

In HORSE usually the poker variations rotates in order and that also throughout the game. Play observes the beginning with Holdem and further proceeds to Omaha, then Razz, and so on. And after a decided time the game then to be shifted over to the next variation.

Basic Strategy

The basic strategy for playing Horse is to grab the extreme benefit that one can gain from games he is confident at. But it reality you should be competent in all the five games. But that requires lot of practice, and concentration as well.

Further avail the options if you want to play horse poker, either for free or for real money.

Play Chinese Poker

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Chinese poker (also sometimes known as Russian Poker or Xap Xam) is a card game that has been played in the Asian community for many years. It started gaining popularity somewhere else because it confirms lot of features that an “exciting” gambling game usually owns

The rules of Chinese Poker are quite simple. Just a basic knowledge of poker hand rankings is enough to start with the game.

Chinese poker partly can be played with luck. And as there exists a probability of fortune naturally even a beginner can try his worth in this game. He is further having a chance of winning in the short term, and that also against skilled opponents.

How to begin:

Each player should be dealt 13 cards. From these 13 cards, each player has to form 3 groups or sets (two of them comprising 5 cards each, and one 3-card set.) We can designate the 5-card sets as the “middle” and the “back,” while the 3-card set is to be called as “the front”
In making the three sets, you need to follow certain rules. The “back” 5-card hand must confirm it as the highest hand; on the contrary the” front” 3-card hand should be the lowest hand. The “middle” even by default should be the middle hand. Straights and flushes not to be counted in the 3-card “back” hand.

Once a player has decided on the cards, he has to place each facedown in front of him.

After all the sets are down, then the players must see that whose hands look stronger.

In Chinese poker, the game is usually played for “units” or points. And each “unit” confirms a pre-decided amount of money.

If you feel ready to play, you can get all the info you need to play chinese poker.

Online Poker Rake Back

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Rakeback is a way of getting back a percentage of the rake fees you pay to the poker site in most hands you play.

The rake is the poker room fee that is taken from most pots and is usually capped at $3. For example, let’s say you were playing in a 6 handed poker game at a site that calcuates rakeback using the dealt method and the rake fee taken for a particular hand was the maximum of $3, this equates to each player having contributed 50 cents to that fee whether they played or folded their hand. Over many hundreds and thousands of hands this adds up to a substancial amount of money.

Poker rakeback is a system that allows you to have a pre-agreed percentage of the rake you have paid during each month sent back into your player account. It is usually paid once a month however you can get rakeback daily or weekly at certain sites. Rakeback is a fantastic incentive as it comes with no terms and conditions attached and can add up to several thousand dollars each month of money you would not have received without rakeback.

Most players simply use it to increase their bankroll and move up stakes much faster than they would ordinarily be able to, you pay rake in any real money cash game as well as any tournament fees which means you add to your poker rakeback earnings every time you take part in a real money poker game.

Over the course of the last year there have been many rakeback deals offering over 30% which is the recommended figure to im for, a very popular choice currently is the 33% Cake Poker rakeback deal which currently allows US players, has regular deposit bonuses and several thousand players online at any one time.

Best Online Poker Rooms for your Weekend Gaming

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There are not many poker portals in the web that heralds a truly international image as Everest Poker does. Not only that it has lots of patrons from outside Europe, the site is also known to offer country specific tournaments and promotions, not to mention the many real money but free Sit ‘n Go tournaments that is a major hit amongst players from all across the globe. The Everest Poker Bonus however is more suited for high stake players for each $1 bonus, one need to wager $100. Other promotions include daily token and cash free rolls. The traffic is at its peak during the early morning to evening US times.

Another biggest plus of Everest poker is its multilingual support of 16 languages. Software is robust and responsive, and is quite user friendly as well. Customer support through email elicits reasonably quick replies, even though live chat or telephone support would be more suitable for players who want immediate assistance.

The second notable poker portal on the block, the Paradise Poker, which is now part of the International Poker Network, has a decent collection of games to suit every skill levels. The Paradise Poker Bonus is as good as any other poker portal in the cyberspace. Every new sign up receives 100% sign up bonus up to €500. However, in order to claim the bonus money, one needs to wager in real money games and tournaments.

The competition levels are average, especially since the exodus of US players. The software is feature rich, robust, and user friendly. If to mention one noteworthy feature, then that should be the stats feature that tells everything about a player’s performance. Regarding customer support, even though they are reasonably quick to reply to queries via email, the absence of telephone/chat preempts any chance of getting prompt answers. Overall, save the customer care hiccups, Paradise poker scores above average.

PokerStars Poker is the largest online poker room at present in the cyberspace, in terms of cash games and tournaments. From a player perspective, PokerStars offer games for all stakes and skill levels, one of the reasons why there is such huge traffic at the site during peak hours. So, if you play at PokerStars, except the toughest of competitions at all levels. Regarding PokerStars Deposit Bonus, which is a major draw for new sign ups, for every deposit made, players would receive a 100% up to $50 deposit bonus. For every 10 FPPs earned by playing at real money games, the players would get $1 of this bonus money.

PokerStars software is stable, responsive and functional even when the traffic is high. The layout is quite user friendly that even a player visiting the site for the first time could navigate the site without any difficulty. The site is secured using 512-bit RSA key, making it one of the safest websites in the poker domain today. PokerStars do not offer telephone support or live chat support, but players can get email 24/7 email support whenever needed.

Play Poker on Top Poker Rooms

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Here is a snapshot review of three top online poker portals where poker players could safely try their hands at without any reservations. All these online poker rooms have good game selections, security, and promotional offers, plus topnotch customer support.

Titan Poker is one of the best all round poker portals found in the web today. It has everything a poker player would look for in a gaming site – excellent bonuses and promotions, high paying jackpots, best game selection, robust and user friendly software, and a chance to rub shoulders with some of the top poker players in the league. As expected, the heaviest action concentrates at low and micro-stakes Hold’em games, while the quality of gaming at Omaha is a tad higher than usual, thanks to the huge European presence in the game. Otherwise competition levels are a lot easier than most other similar sites. For the players, there are also lots of satellites, free rolls, and tourneys of good value. Finally, the Titan Poker Bonus Code, which promises higher bonuses for Titan poker players. Titan poker offers 100% up to $500 deposit bonus plus $25 free on your first deposit. Players can easily clear the Titan poker sign up bonus using the Titan Poker Bonus Code. Please note that Titan Poker does not accept US players or US credit cards.

Sportsbook Poker is a poker player’s delight. It has the potential combination of great players at the tables, easier options to deposit money using US credit cards, excellent games, and a deadly combo of instant deposit bonus and a bigger play through bonus, plus regular promotional offers. All new players get to participate in a weekly $500 private free roll after making their initial deposits. Not to mention the many special tourneys where players can exchange the points they earned for cash prizes. On the software front, it is as good as the best in the league with a robust user interface, easier menu options, and soothing graphics. Customer care is topnotch. Overall, you’ll like Sportsbook, especially if you are from the US.

Another top online poker room, Betsson Poker is part of the 6 million strong Ongame Network, and is known for its wide array of tables and top players from all over the globe, especially Europe. Since the same tables are shared across different poker networks, during peak hours, the traffic could be at the higher end. The competition levels can be best described as diverse; for some tables, it could be a lot tougher than the others and vice versa. For players, there are generous sign up bonuses, plus entry to a weekly free roll with a $2000 guaranteed prize-pool for those who manage to secure 220 poker points in a week. The software is responsive and the lay out quite easy to understand and navigate, even for novices. Further, there are many deposit and withdrawal options to choose from. The portal supports more than 10 languages. Customer support is available 24×7 in multiple languages. However, like Titan Poker, Betsson Poker also allows only non-US players.

All About Poker Bonus Freak

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The online poker scene continues its tremendous growth, but what games are most profitable? In the past year, I’ve experienced tremendous success in heads up poker (one on one), both cash and sit-n-go style. I’m playing at $50 limits and winning about 62% of my matches. Because I play as many as 50 matches per day, this translates to a nice chunk of cash.


Why heads up poker? Two main reasons: 1.) You can’t be cheated through collusion since it’s just you and one other player. 2.) Winning players have more chances to take advantage of weak opponents because they’re making so many more decisions.


I will offer a few tips on how to be successful in this type of poker game.

First, have a tendency to play tight in the beginning blind levels and get a feel for how your opponent plays. Give your opponent a label for how he plays pre-flop and how he plays after the flop. Use this information against your opponent, and try to play the opposite.

Second, whenever you have less than 12 big blinds and you’re on the button (first to act), move all in — no matter what two cards you have. If you’re not moving all in you’re simply giving your money away.

Third, play within your bankroll. I found a sweet spot at the $50s, but you can’t expect to start out there and be a winner. Start at either $1, $2, or $5 heads up and always leave yourself 25 buy ins.

Lastly, always take advantage of any poker bonuses codes, poker reload bonuses, or poker rakeback programs.


*Note, I built my entire bankroll through online poker freerolls three years ago, and today it’s even easier!


Hope this helps, and I’ll see you at the tables ;)

Finding Safe Online Casinos

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Online Casinos come in all shapes and sizes and are not created equal.  Many online casinos are as safe to play as a real world casino and have long track records of success, however there are some online casinos that shut down after a short stint online, leaving players without their deposits, winnings or a place to play. 

So you want to try your luck with online casinos, online poker rooms or online sportsbooks.  If you are like most people the first question you ask yourself ‘is it safe?’.  The answer is, it depends. 

Many online casinos are highly regarded in the industry; legally certified in their jurisdiction, subjected to rigorous third party reviews and may even be offshoots of brick-and-mortar operations.  Their players enjoy a good playing experience, timely payouts of winnings and an overall professional experience.
Then there are those fly-by-night operations who may even start out with the best of intentions when they open an online casino, but quickly find out that running a business and attracting players is a difficult task.  Often times, these operations will open with a new online brand, take in deposits without the proper financial backing, hoping they will find more depositors to cover any winning players.  However, when a few players hit it big, these operations will quickly shut down and players are left with no place to play and no recourse for recovering their deposits.

What you can do if you are new to online gambling is start out doing your homework by checking out online reviews of casinos, getting advice from forums, maybe even talking to friends who have gambled online.

If you are like most, time is valuable and you would rather have a quick and easy way to find reputable online casinos.  One website that helps arrange all of the information you need is PlayersJet.com.  Their website presents online gambling sites through a trust ranking algorithm and then provides user reviews so you can have all your research done all in one place. Practice Safe Bets with PlayersJet.com.

The best place to get Free Poker Money with a No Deposit Poker Bonus - PokerNetOnline.com

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Hello. My name is James and I have been playing online poker for quite
some time now. I play mostly cash out poker games.
There has been a recent explosion in the world of no deposit poker
bonuses. Sites like http://www.pokernetonline.com/ will start off your
online poker account with a free deposit straight into your account. You
do not need to enter valuable information like your credit
card to receive this bonus. Simply register for the online poker account
and http://www.pokernetonline.com/ will process your request and
send you the money shortly after. The best way to go about this free
poker money is by starting with .5/1 cash out games. Start small and
focus on building your bank roll up. They initially deposited that money
into my account, and now it is around $3,000. Once you get up to that
amount, its good to start playing some of those Sunday million
tournaments. Well, that is all, good luck and I hope your Free Poker
Money goes to good use.


Die Casinosoftware und die Wahl eines online Casinos

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Wenn man sich etwas mit online Casinos befasst stellt man schnell fest, dass die meisten Casinos im Internet auf vier Softwareherstellern basieren. Zum einen sind dies PlayTech und Microgaming, die den Hauptanteil ausmachen und zum anderen Cryptologic und RTG (Real Time Gaming). Der Casino Markt stützt sich also auf diese vier Softwarehersteller. Übrigens das gleiche gilt auch für die Pokernetzwerke.

Nicht nur die Zufallsgeneratoren, sondern auch die Grafiken, Animationen und Benutzeroberflächen sind herstellerspezifisch. Hat man z.B. in einem Playtech-Casino gespielt, kennt man auch die anderen Playtech Casinos. Sie sind sich alle ähnlich. Doch worin unterscheiden sich nun die online Casinos wirklich oder worauf sollte man bei der Auswahl achten?

Wenn auch die Software nicht viele Auswahlmöglichkeiten zulässt, so unterscheiden sich die Casinos dennoch in Aspekten rund um das Thema Service, Schnelligkeit der Auszahlungen, Kulanz bei Fehlern, den Umsatzbedingungen, oder ob es ggfs. einen Highroller Casino Bonus gibt u.v.m. Die Liste könnte beliebig verlängert werden. Deshalb sind Testberichte über Casinos im Internet für die richtige Wahl Ihres online Casinos entscheidend. Wer öfter im Internetcasino spielt, weiß ohnehin wie die Spielautomaten in Microgaming- oder Playtechcasinos aussehen, aber ob der Kundenservice gut ist, oder Auszahlungen umgehend bearbeitet werden, kann im Vorfeld nur schwer gesagt werden.

Entscheidend bei der Wahl des Casinos dürften auch die Anforderungen für den Mindestwettumsatz sein und welche Spiele tatsächlich zum Umsatz zählen. So kommt es sehr häufig vor, dass die klassischen Casinospiele - Roulette und Blackjack - aber auch Baccara und Videopoker nicht zu den Umsatzbedingungen für den Bonus zählen. Solche Unterschiede, ob es z.B. einen Roulette Bonus gibt, dürften die Entscheidung für ein bestimmtes online Casino signifikant beeinflussen und sollten genau studiert werden.

Redbet Rakeback

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Redbet Ltd was founded 2002 and it is today one of the most popular poker sites. They are also listed on the Stockholm stock exchange which indicates that they are a very serious poker site. You can bet on sports, play on casino games and play poker on Redbet.Redbet Poker offers you poker games on the three networks; Boss Media, B2B and Ongame. If you want to play on Ongame you do that through their sister site Whitebet.

Redbet are known by their great support, fast cash outs and high security. You can contact them through phone and e-mail, they guarantees that all queries will be answered within 24 hours of being sent. They have instant withdrawal to neteller, Moneybookers and bank witdrawals takes 1-3 days. They are the world’s first company within the gambling industry to offer its customers the increased security of a personal Digipass.

We really recommend you to start playing on Redbet, but don’t forget to sign up through redbetrakeback.com if you would like to get Redbet rakeback. They offers you great rakeback deals and huge poker bonuses on all three networks.”

Procedure for Playing in an Online Poker Site

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In recent years online poker sites have gained more importance when compared to live poker casinos. People are more interested in spending their leisure time in the internet on an online poker room. Though the games played online are thrilling and money making, people are afraid
of the security for their bank rolls. In order to make them understand, here are few points to be remembered. Basically there are two types of online poker bonuses: No Deposit Poker Bonuses and Deposit Poker Bonuses. Its your choice to choose which one.

They issue the bonuses via several methods. In order to start with those poker sites users should have either a Money Bookers account or a Neteller account. These two types of bonuses will be available to players based on play through requirements and you can cash
out after a selected number of points are generated. Online poker rooms should be chosen carefully by players after checking their security measures and deals regarding Highest Poker Bonuses.

Availing the benefit of no deposit poker bonuses, several players are abusing it for their own interests. These players are opening many fake accounts and win cash prizes, even when they do not have any interest in online poker and do not have any intention of becoming a regular
player of the poker site. So make sure your Free Poker Bankroll options aren’t being misused. In order to combat the increasing fraudulent abuses if no deposit poker bonuses, poker sites have come up with certain wagering requirements. The other name of wagering requirements is play through requirements. These requirements vary from one poker site to another and are considered to be very effective in controlling poker site fraud.

According to wagering requirements, a player needs to wager a certain amount of money in order to earn their prize money. This amount should be more than the initial deposit amount. Although it may not seem fair to many, it helps the poker site to stop players from abusing the good features of online poker. Once things are safe, more and more people will join.

One of the safest sites out their that protects players and gives them a chance to play in a Poker League, is Bwin Poker. You can feel safe playing in the Bwin Poker League and win allot of money by joining them.

If you are new to the online gambling industry and want to try out your hand in poker games then you might want to start off in a good note. It is obvious that expert players with years of experience have an edge over beginners and often win games and cash prizes easily.

Online Casinos and progressive wins

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The emergence of the Internet and technologies has revolutionized the idea of gambling, bringing casinos within everybody’s reach at the click of a mouse. With the growing popularity of online gambling, online casinos have become one of the fastest growing and booming industries, earning millions of dollar every day.

Online casinos have made gambling easy and profitable for old as well as new players. A host of promotional offers and discounted registration fees have made it much more convenient to use and play games online as compared to the traditional casinos. Moreover, they offer you the flexibility of sitting at your home and playing games without even worrying about losing your money. Some online casinos offer free bonuses where you do not even have to pay any deposit amount at the time of registration. You can select the kind of game you want to play, the duration and even the amount of money you want put in at your convenience. Even if you lose money, online casinos save you from the public embarrassment and keep your identity hidden.

All this have made online casino so popular with new comers as well as players who have been gambling for a long time. However, due to this popularity, everyday a new gambling site is cropping up and therefore, it is important that you choose the site carefully in order to avoid any fraudulent incidents.

Online Casinos – Payment Methods
Payout methods of online gambling are one of the major concerns which often drive away online casino players from investing their hard earned money. Online gamblers often find it hard to trust the system for performing money transactions properly. Some basic information about the payment methods employed by the online gambling system may help in reducing your worries and getting more confident while investing your money next time on progressive jackpots!

Online casinos usually use some of the most common and standard methods of wire transfer. Some of these payment methods are famous for money payment methods for the gaming industry. You would require providing certain information in order to access these payout forms. However, all good online casinos assure you complete privacy and security of your confidential information. They ensure that you perform money transfer in a safe and protected environment when trying your luck at progressive slots. Some of these payment methods support casino deposits in different currencies. You might even win a bonus amount for the first time you are depositing money.

Good Online Casinos

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The presence of thousands of online casinos makes it difficult for players, especially new-comers, to choose a good one. It is important to make sure that the casinos where you are interested to invest your money will not cheat you and give proper returns. While finding a good casino you should check for some of the features discussed below from various Online Casino Reviews.

Good gambling sites will always give you a good gaming experience. A good gaming experience includes excellent computer graphics, good audio quality and a smooth flow of the game you are playing. Make sure that the site has a lot of gaming options and provides you a wide range of games to choose from. Check out for the deposit methods. According to researches, good gaming sites offer you a different deposit options and even a brilliant Online Casino Bonus. Check out the software programs which are used by the gaming site. The better the software brands and versions, the better your gaming experience will be.

The payout percentages are also an important factor while determining how good a casino is. Find out whether the casino is audited by a good financial organization. Casinos with large payout percentage will definitely go for auditing and that is an indicator about the stature and quality of the casino and also determines whether or not it is a High Roller Casinos. The security policy of your confidential information should also be taken into consideration while choosing any casino operating online.

There are methods which provide you instant bonus, detailed soft copy of the statements and access to funds every time you make a transaction. You might want to do a little bit of research about the various electronic modes used for payouts in the gambling industry and find out more about them. This will help you how each of them works exactly and then depending on the method used in any casino you can decide whether to play or not. The recent upsurge of no deposit online casinos has brought about a revolution in the online gambling industry. In order to reap the benefits of these casino offers, several newcomers are coming ahead and trying out their hands in online gambling. This has helped the online gambling industry in doubling their profits and increasing their customer base at the same time. However, these offers have a flip side which is important to take care of.

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