Badugi Poker

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Badugi poker is an exciting new poker game that is being offered by more and more poker rooms. If I had to compare badugi poker to another poker game it would be triple draw. You just use four cards instead of 5 and add a twist. Not only are you trying to get the lowest hand possible, you need to try and get all four suits. It seems very complicated at first but once you play it for a little while you will pick up on it very quick.

Badugi Poker Rules

The rules of Badugi poker are kind of hard to explain but I will try my best. Each player gets dealt four cards and then there is a bet. What you are looking for in terms of hand selection is low unsuited cards. The best possible hand in Badugi is A234 as a rainbow. A rainbow means each card is a different suit. Of course you won’t get dealt that hand very often so lets just say you get dealt AH – 4C – 7D – 10D. This is actually a very good hand. Keep in mind you get to draw three times. In this case you would get rid of the 10 of diamonds. After each draw there is a bet. After the 2 draws you end up with Ah-3d-4c-7d. You might be thinking thats a great hand but it probably won’t win. You have two diamonds so you only have a 3 card hand. If someone else had 10-J-Q-K (rainbow) they would win because four card rainbows always beat three card hands.

Badugi Poker Strategy

In this section we will go over proven badugi poker strategy. Strategy starts with hand selection. Never play a hand unless you have 3 suits under ten. After the first draw you should have an idea of what the other players have based on their bets and how many cards they drew. If you hand hasn’t improved by the 2nd draw you should most likely fold. After the 3rd draw you want to either have a 3 card hand under 7 or any four card hand (rainbow).

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