Lucky Ace Poker Review

Category: Uncategorized | Date: June 29th, 2008 | 0 comments » is the leading resource for information related to the new internet poker room; Lucky Ace Poker. The give poker players with a full and unbiased Lucky Ace Poker review that contains all the good and bad things of the poker site. You can also use their exclusive Lucky Ace Poker bonus code to get a special deposit bonanza. On top of the generous bonus you will get by using their bonus code you will also have a free copy of poker ability, which is a program that helps you to improve your poker playing skills. You will not find a better bonus code at any other site. The review of Lucky Ace Poker contains information regarding the deposit bonus such as the percentage, bonus requirements and stuff like that. The next section is a review of the poker software used by Lucky Ace. Below that you will find information on the poker games Lucky Ace gives which include Texas Holdem, Omaha and 7 card stud. The next category is a review of the tournaments that can be found at Lucky Ace Poker. They offer plenty of small and high stakes tournaments so no one is left out. The final Lucky Ace Poker category is an analysis of the competition. Lucky Ace is not open to US players and they use the software provided by Pacific Poker.

Free casino games are in plenty

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Online casinos are available these days which do not need any bankroll from the part of the player at the time of register of their accounts. The competing players in these free casino games only need to make a “real money account” to get them roll. As soon as they create their accounts, they will receive free casino games and chips.
The awards offered by different rooms vary a great deal. So the right choice is extremely critical. If you hope to have a try at some of the casino rooms, you will be welcomed and will have to for a sign up. If you commit yourself for a good amount through betting, you can be sure of the increased bonuses you will get. These sorts of free casino games or free gambling games need you to specifically mention the type of casino you are looking for.
The no deposit casino bonuses you receive have got unique code. The player is supposed to enter this unique codes on the bonanza to the particular casino game to get things proceed to the next level of dealings. The reason why free gambling games like these have got free bonuses and unique coupon codes is just because each and every participating player has his own betting objectives. Apart from this, each and every casino awards coupon codes has a unique code depending on the betting objective or strategy of the participating player and these codes may have a specific number associated which will convey a rule for the player. This number has to be assigned to the account associated with the respective participant.
Players will find these codes at the time when they apply for some bonus. Also, the players are required to enter these codes in the instructed place of entry of the site.

Gonagas Poker Review

Category: Uncategorized | Date: June 29th, 2008 | 0 comments » is the top resource for players interested in the new online poker site, Gonagas Poker. The room includes details Gonagas Poker review which includes a detailed review of the traffic, software, tournaments and the Gonagas Poker bonus. Gonagas Poker recently launched their state of the art online poker room and has already grown into one of the top places to play for non U.S poker players. They host a lot of free rolls and plenty of huge tournaments as well. The tables at Gonagas are pretty easy to beat and the software supports various different languages. The software is very quick which makes few table play easy. There are also several professional poker players that frequent the Gonagas Poker. You can find all of this information and more at They also provide up to date information on all of the other critical information poker players will want to know about before signing up but they also include screenshots of the Gonagas Poker lobby area and poker tables. They have also studied the traffic levels at Gonagas Poker and have calculated that there are around 10,000 players online during the busy hours. You can even find all of the current Gonagas Poker bankroll options and withdrawal methods. If you want to find out more about Gonagas Poker this is definitely a site to check out.

Chili Poker Review

Category: Uncategorized | Date: June 28th, 2008 | 0 comments » has been the providing internet poker players with information about the quickly growing online poker room; Chili Poker. They provide a complete Chili Poker review full of useful information about the poker site. They even offer 4 different Chili Poker bonus codes that give you to choose what kind of first deposit bonus you receive. The review of Chili Poker includes up to date details on the Chili Poker traffic, deposit bonuses, software, game variety and bankroll and cash out options. This site is continually updated with information about Chili Poker. When there are new promotions or big tournaments going on you can expect to find this information on Chili Poker is a newer poker site with a lot to offer new players. When you visit you will four different bonanza codes to pick from. The exclusive deposit bonuses you will get by using their bonus codes is better than what you would receive if you signed up directly or used another bonus code. Chili Poker is the home of one of the best female poker players in the world; Liz Lieu. She frequents the poker tables and even plays in quite a few tournaments hosted on Chili Poker. When you use one of their bonus codes you will also be able to play in the new player free rolls at Chili Poker which offer a $1,000 prize pool.

Reefer Poker Review

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The official fan site for the new online poker room called Reefer Poker is This site provides you with everything you will need to know about Reefer Poker all in one place. The detailed Reefer Poker review contains a summary of the first bankroll bonus, competition, poker software, support and deposit options. They also provide players their an exclusive Reefer Poker coupon code. Their special coupon code provides players a huge 100% match up to $500. Players using the coupon code listing on this site will also be able to play in several different free roll tournaments including the new player’s free roll, the new depositor’s free roll and the standard free rolls that are open to all players. You can find more detailed information on the Reefer Poker freerolls by visiting this site. The also have a web page dedicated to Reefer Poker promotions. This poker room launches new promotions every month so you may want to keep an eye on this page to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Reefer Poker is open to US players and offers a a lot of easy to use deposit options. The traffic as listed on is around 5,000 players during the busy hours. This poker room is growing fast due to the massive PR the room receives due to their theme; reefer.

Codigo Promocional Pokerstars

Category: Uncategorized | Date: June 28th, 2008 | 0 comments » is the nice place for Spanish speaking poker players to get details on the internet poker room; Pokerstars. This site is more geared towards players looking for the best codigo promocional Pokerstars, which is the same as a marketing code to English speaking players. When players sign up at Pokerstars they are asked for a code. When players use the code listed on this site they will not only get a nice first deposit bonus but they will also get entry into some best free roll tournaments. Their codigo promocional for Pokerstars is PAWSUB165. They offer a step by step guide on how to enter and use this code so players and ensured that they will receive the best bonus possible. There is also information on the freeroll players will be able to play in when the use this Pokerstars codigo. Players from South America and Spanish speaking countries in Europe also can find info regarding special tournament leagues they can play in at Pokerstars. The deposit bonus you will get when you use their special Pokerstars codigo promocion is $50 . this awards is not immediately credited to your real money account. You will only have to earn 500 FPP’s at poker Stars to clear the whole bonus.

Online Backgammon

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Backgammon is one of the oldest games played in the history of mankind. The birth of the game is still a puzzle to most of us.

Max Backgammon is a site which gives you all information related with this game. The history of backgammon has been in the site with much emphasis but the true birth remains to be undiscovered. However the term can be traced back to the Anglo Saxon words, ‘baec’ (back) and ‘gamen’ (game). The backgammon regulation have been also concentrated with great panache and help one to master the game within a short period of time.

The backgammon variations are also listed in the site and that shows us to gain knowledge about the truth that there is a high number of backgammon diversity. We also learn that besides Gul Bara, Nackgammon and Hyper Backgammon there are other backgammon variations like Old English Backgammon, Bradspel, Acey Duecey and Misere (also known as Backgammon to Lose).

Even if you wish to enroll yourself in any online backgammon sites, you can do so with the help of Max Backgammon. You can pick any one of the servers, download free software and then sign up yourself. Following that you can choose to play just to achieve the love you share for the game or you can play for real money with the players from all across the globe. Gammon Empire also offers you free membership which features download and browser based version. There are also a large number of online backgammon sites, which specializes in tournaments where players from all over the world take part and take home a large amount of cash rewards. If you have been long planning to learn the scheme and dealing of the game and become a professional player than it’s high time for you to take the leap and log into the Max Backgammon site.

Poker Coupon Codes

Category: Uncategorized | Date: June 25th, 2008 | 0 comments » is the best place to get coupon codes for internet poker sites. There are quite a few internet poker rooms that ask players to enter a poker coupon code when they register or make a deposit. This site offers coupon codes that give players a special bonus then the standard bonus offered by the poker room. They offer codes for Reefer Poker, Carbon Poker and Walker Poker. The also offer information reviews for each of those poker sites. The Reefer Poker coupon code they have listed on their site offers the best first deposit bonus possible. The reviews of each poker site include details on the traffic, bankroll options, tournaments, software and competition. All three of the poker rooms accept players from the U.S.A. and two of the rooms actually offer casino games to American poker players. The three poker sites share the same software which is one of the best in the industry. If you’re looking information on Walker Poker then this site is perfect for you. They have a Walker Poker review and a page concerning the Walker Poker coupon code. Overall, if you’re looking for a poker coupon code this is definitely a site to visit.

PokerStars Promotional Code

Category: Uncategorized | Date: June 24th, 2008 | 0 comments » is all about the Poker Stars promotional code. If you have never heard of Poker Stars, they are the leading online poker room in the planet. They have lots of games and tons of people play there. This site gives you info on the Pokerstars promotional code. A Poker Stars promotional code is something you enter when you sign up. After you have entered it you will be able to take advantage of special bonuses like $50 free or free roll tournament entries. A free roll is a poker tournament that is free to register and gives a real money prize. The free rolls you will be able to play in have a $17,000 prize pool. This is the coolest Poker stars promotion code on the internet. If you want to know more about the best poker room please visit this site and read the article about Pokerstars. You will be amazed by the fact that Poker Stars has more players than any other room which means they are the best. Please check out this Poker Stars information article for details on how their site works. I guarantee that the code listed on this site is the best promotion code for Pokerstars.

Mobile Casinos

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It is truly claimed by most that the technological advancement have been successful in breaking down all possible barrier down in this digital age. The latest boon, also claimed as ‘curse’ by many to catch up with the age is mobile casino gambling. Nowadays cell (mobile) phones have become an integral part of our lives. Perhaps we can miss out on our wallet someday, but that never happens with our mobile phones. In fact it is now the best status symbol to flaunt in the society gatherings, the latest, the best is the word that goes flying in a social gathering.

However with the explosion of the online, many have seen the emergence of online casinos. The sooner they emerged; they also reached a place where they had to offer something new to get their business booming large. The latest innovation offered by them is mobile casino games. However the mobile casinos had to meet certain criteria before catching up with the age. The player’s privacy, the base-trust of the customers is something that the mobile industry had to offer to ensure a rapid flow of passionate gamers.

The best company to catch up with the mobile casino industry is Wild Jack Mobile Casino. They successfully cater to all the needs of the mobile casino gambling industry and have carved a niche for themselves in the choice list of the mobile casino gamblers. They are known to offer as many as 300 mobile casino games and the very popular include blackjack, keno, poker, scratch cards and slots. Another feature with which they have captivated the hearts of the gamers is the provision of round-the-clock support. The brilliant streamlining has also led them gain the reputation of being the quickest payers on internet. In the coming times, Wild Jack Mobile Casino is sure to make the future of online casino gambling brighter.

Poker Stars Referral Code

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If you are looking for a Pokerstars referral code you should visit This site give users with all kind of important information about the internet poker site Poker Stars. You will find an in depth review containing many Pokerstars details. Of course they also provide info on the Pokerstars referral code which offers an excellent first deposit bonus. You will even find an article on Pokerstars strategy. The review of Pokerstars have all of the vital need to know info such as deposit options, traffic info, software and games, tournament details and many more. The special friend referral code they gives the coolest bonanza you will find internet. A referral code and a marketing code are the same thing. When a player register at Pokerstars he/she is asked for a referral or marketing code. This site explains where to enter this code and even shows a picture of the screen where you enter the code. This makes it very easy to follow. You won’t have to worry about making a mistake and not receiving the coolest bonus when you use their referral code. Poker Stars welcomes players from the United States so this is really a nice site to play at. They have the high traffic out of all the internet poker rooms and have more professional players then any other room. This is just more reason to use their Poker Stars referral code.

PokerStars Marketing Code

Category: Uncategorized | Date: June 21st, 2008 | 0 comments » is the best place to get marketing codes for Pokerstars. This poker site is transcript in 8 different languages so poker players from around the world can receive an extra bonanza when they use their special marketing Code for Pokerstars. In addition to the standard Poker Stars bonanza players will get an additional incentive in the form of an awesome free roll tournament. If you are from a Spanish speaking region we suggest you read this article on the codigo promocional Pokerstars. Even poker players from Germany can receive into the action by reading the in depth step by step explain on how to use the Pokerstars marketingcode. This is really the top place to get marketing codes. Pokerstars is easily the biggest and most famous online poker room in the world. Almost all major pro poker player plays here. If you are looking for a good reason to register then lets talk about what you get when you use this marketing code for Poker Stars. When you make a deposit you will earn a $50 bonus. The extra benefit of being able to play in private free roll tournaments is included.

Poker Stars Marketing Code

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The Poker Stars marketing code PAWSUB403 will get new players to the biggest bonus on their first deposit. The bonus is $50 plus get into exclusive Poker News freerolls. The ones right now running are freerolls into the World Series of Poker. The awards packages are worth $12,500 and include a $10,000 entry into the Main Event and $2,500 in travel expenses. Players that use the marketing code for Pokerstars PAWSUB403 will be automatically get in into these freerolls. The marketing code should be entered into the marketing code field at sign up, and players should also enter the bonus code First2008 when making their first deposit.

Poker Stars is now the world’s biggest internet poker room and offers game selection that cannot be compare anywhere. Poker Stars has games where players can wager a few pennies per hand but they also have games where thousands of dollars change hands at the flip of a card. If you can think of a poker game that you like chances are has it. Please click for a full Poker stars details.

Poker Stars also has a frequent player program that is unmatched in the industry. Player accumulate FPPs (Frequent Player Points) for each real money hand that they play and for each tournament that they enter. These points can be redeemed for tournament entries and also for some awesome merchandise. The merchandise ranges from stress balls and T-shirts to big screen televisions and flashy sports cars.

Cake Poker Bonus Code

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Cake Poker had its initial launch in the year 2005. Hence it is relatively new in the industry. Yet they have set up their own offers and rewards to bag as many players as possible. As a part of the Cake Network, they are one among the few poker rooms that offer reward program for players online. The reward program is designed and built exclusively for the players. You can be sure about the security in playing poker games in Cake Poker since they are under the regulation and licensing of Kahnawake Gaming Commission. You will find a fair gaming policy with financial security for the players.
The match up of 100% through Cake Poker bonus is a major benefit of playing in this poker room. Increments of $10 will be paid to you as release in your game play. The main attraction that brings players of the reward programs for players. Using Cake Poker bonus code DEAL14 will help you to enjoy the best bonuses and offers available online. Players will be able to secure the Gold Cards which are valuable in the same way as money. They can get these when they enter the poker rooms. Comp points will bring you Gold chips as well.
You will get superior support facility from the online poker room. The support can be reached through email and this is the only option available to contact them. Still then, they take special care to respond in less than 20 minutes. Deposit options are quite limited in Cake Poker. The US players will get chance to use credit cards for making deposits.
The software used in the poker room has a clean interface for the players to interact easily. The games in lobby are categorized with the help of tabs which will make the selection easier, simpler and faster for players. also check out our Cake Poker Review.

Chan Poker Bonus Code

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Chan Poker is an online poker facility which is a part of Ongame Poker Network. The poker room is considered to be one of the successful poker sites with superior quality services exclusively for the players. You can observe an excellent traffic at the online poker room especially during the peak hours. Chan Poker has the reputation of offering the highest first deposit as bonuses in the poker industry.
The first deposit from Chan Poker Bonus will give you around 100% to reach a maximum of $1000. The bonus will be available in the form of bonus money in your account. When you earn the needed amount as points, the entire money will be paid to you. You will get a maximum of 60 days to clear it in full.
Chan Poker customer support is highly dedicated and is ready to help you at any time. Though they have only email facility, you can enjoy the speedy response without having to wait for long. Any issue can be resolved when you approach them for support and help. The talented support team can clear all kinds of doubts for you.
The available deposit options in Chan Poker involve Visa, MasterCard, InstaCash etc with choices available in plenty for the customers.
Chan Poker Review is the greatest attraction which continuously drew players to the website. You are able to enjoy 100% of the first deposit you are making to get a maximum of $1000. The Chan Poker Bonus code DEAL14 is the option to get the bonus in the easiest manner. The new poker facility has not fully developed to give many promotional offers for the players. At the same time, they provide chances for players to make extra cash. Live tournaments are telecasted with satellites. The hosting of large tournaments attracts a large number of players.

Titan Poker Bonus Code

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Among various poker rooms available online, Titan Poker has a well known place as a European Poker facility. The exceptional services offered by them are the main reason for their wide reputation in online casino industry. The VIP program at its top level and the sign up bonuses are the main attraction of Titan Poker room. The fully licensed and properly regulated poker room has a RNG certification as well. They have services in around 16 different languages and are among the very few poker rooms with this facility. Titan Poker has the facility to play using multiple currencies as well. Added features including refer a friend program and reload offers bring more players to the game.
The Titan Poker bonus of up to $600 sign up is another greatest benefit of playing poker games in this website. Using Titan Poker bonus code of pokerdeal1 is the suitable option to enjoy the bonus facilities from Titan. Using bonus code is the best choice to get sign-up bonuses exclusively for players.
Players will get support from Titan Poker around the clock. Players can choose the option convenient for them. There are a variety of ways in which the support team can be reached including email, support, phone and live support. The highly qualified team can assist you in any difficulties that might come along. Fast response will be all that you are looking for and you can surely expect it there. No wonder why Titan Poker Review received the gold award given for best customer support poker online.
Another major area where Titan poker has laid their hands is the Jackpot Sit N Gos. Players get an opportunity to play jackpot between $2000 and $50,000. Players will never have to complain about long hours waiting for playing a game there, because of heavy and consistent website traffic.

Party Poker Bonus Code

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You can find a large number of online poker rooms where you can enjoy playing poker games. Party poker has a unique place among these poker rooms when it is one of the largest online poker rooms. Soon after their initial launch in 2001, they have always taken special care to maintain this reputation among other poker rooms.
Offers and promotions intended at helping players is another important attraction of Party Poker. The bonus of 120% match giving up to $200 is a widely appreciated party poker bonus. Players can enjoy the benefits of this exclusive bonus using the party poker bonus code of DEAL14. This is one of the easily clearable bonuses available in online poker rooms. The release of the bonus will be done in $10 increments. The release will be performed throughout your game play. You can get the bonus in real money at the ring tables and tournaments.
Another greatest attraction of party poker is the cash offers that are given for free through the emails. Such extra bonuses will act as cash incentives with which you can make an immediate play. You need not download the software for the play at party poker online casino room.
You will be amazed to have a tension free game play with support from Party Poker. The support team is working 24/7 to give full assistance to the players with quality service. They provide fastest response to the players with efficient replies. Phone, email and chat facilities are provided to give assistance to customers for playing games.
You will get the loosest games from party poker as compared to many other online poker rooms. The fast tournaments and guaranteed payments are other attractions of the poker room facility from Party Poker Review. You can make deposits with the help of VISA, MasterCard and a variety of other options according to your convenience.

Cake Poker Bonus Codes

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The Cake Poker bonus code EZBONUS will allow new players to claim a 100% sign up awards on their first deposit. The awards is for a maximum of $500, and is only available to players that do not already have an account at Cake Poker. The Cake code EZBONUS should be entered when creating you Cake Poker account- it should be entered into the field that is labeled “I have a Sign UP Bonus Code.” Deposit whatever you like, but to get the maximum bonus be sure to make a $500 deposit.

Cake Poker is rapidly growing into one of the most famous destinations for internet poker players. The Cake Poker network is now one of the Top 10 poker networks, and this was accomplished in a relatively short period of time. The Cake Poker journey started in 2004 when the founders, poker enthusiasts themselves, get out to design a better and more user friendly poker room. In 2006 these ideas became reality and Cake Poker was launched. Since its launch it has grown by leaps and bounds and now oftentimes has a few thousand players at peak hours.

Cake Poker offers a wide variety of games that aims to please the poker community as a whole. There are tons of real money game tables, and there are tournaments running around the clock. There are fixed limit games, pot limit games, and no limit games. There is Texas Holdem, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud- with some high/low stud and Omaha games. Click here for a full Cake Poker review and a full description of the Cake Poker sign up Bonus Code.

about poker blog

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The popularity of online poker games which is also regarded as a juxtaposition of gambling, gaming and persistent thrill is best described by the site Gabna poker blog. The age-old game of shrewdness and luck has risen to such heights of popularity in the contemporary times that they can spin the wheel of your fortune and make you rise from rags to riches in a very short period.

The wide range of information pertaining to the world of poker can be easily accessed through this site. The recent blog posts on Best Poker Stars marketing code, Party bonus codes, Online Casino site, UK Horse betting system, Poker bonuses for US players would also give you in-depth information on the nooks and comers of the game. The favourite poker games like Pai Gow and Caribbean Stud are also discussed in detail here. The sites mentioned in here are not only the perfect deal for the experienced and professional but would also prove to be a great bet for the newbie’s.

The mention of Partybets which is regarded as the largest sports books of the world is another added attraction of the site. Their offering of action and bonus codes can make anyone go gaga over these games of luck and fortune. The UK horse betting system and the personal account of an experienced player who has been in the circuit for more than 8 years seems to be indeed fascinating for the newbie’s who have given birth to the thought of making their entry into the world of poker. The information on the numerous poker rooms and how they run their business on the basis of forums, websites and rooms is an interesting account. Tips for the newbie’s is also a vital characteristic of the site and it stressed greatly on the fact as becoming emotional on the table of poker would make you nothing less than a pauper. So take your chance and explore the world of poker with RDKZ poker blog.

Poker Stars Marketing code

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Poker Stars Review is another great destination for the online poker players and has been guiding players since the year 2003 and over the years have gained the reputation as one of the powerhouse online poker room. They are the most well-known in the poker circuit as they offer a wide variety in the stakes as well as in ring games. They also bring in offering daily millions in all the guaranteed tournaments. Some of the leading and professional players of the world are the assets of this online poker room and are backed and endorsed by them. In the recent times however Poker Stars went through another up-gradation and that is they have now indulged themselves in beta testing for that of the Mac players.

The bonus return offered by the Poker Stars Marketing Code is also great. They bring in offering 100% of the match and up to 50 USD for that of all the new players. The bonus earned can also be redeemed in the online stores of Poker Stars. Time and again the players are also offered a reload bonus. The competition in this online poker room is quite diversified and is tighter than that of most rooms even if the games are that of low stakes. The room also prides itself in having a massive player base. The Poker Stars bonus code lets you earn a maximum of 600 USD as a sign up bonus.

If you are one of those players who has played some tournaments then there will always be some or the other game for you in this room. The tournament line of this room is quite impressive and that is the reason the room takes pride in all its players. The graphics of this online poker room are also worth watching and that also gives you the opportunity to customize your online game with the provision of half a dozen backgrounds. The e-mail support of this online poker room is also another brilliant feature. All these opportunities makes this one of the most sought after online poker rooms.

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