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Online Casinos come in all shapes and sizes and are not created equal.  Many online casinos are as safe to play as a real world casino and have long track records of success, however there are some online casinos that shut down after a short stint online, leaving players without their deposits, winnings or a place to play. 

So you want to try your luck with online casinos, online poker rooms or online sportsbooks.  If you are like most people the first question you ask yourself ‘is it safe?’.  The answer is, it depends. 

Many online casinos are highly regarded in the industry; legally certified in their jurisdiction, subjected to rigorous third party reviews and may even be offshoots of brick-and-mortar operations.  Their players enjoy a good playing experience, timely payouts of winnings and an overall professional experience.
Then there are those fly-by-night operations who may even start out with the best of intentions when they open an online casino, but quickly find out that running a business and attracting players is a difficult task.  Often times, these operations will open with a new online brand, take in deposits without the proper financial backing, hoping they will find more depositors to cover any winning players.  However, when a few players hit it big, these operations will quickly shut down and players are left with no place to play and no recourse for recovering their deposits.

What you can do if you are new to online gambling is start out doing your homework by checking out online reviews of casinos, getting advice from forums, maybe even talking to friends who have gambled online.

If you are like most, time is valuable and you would rather have a quick and easy way to find reputable online casinos.  One website that helps arrange all of the information you need is  Their website presents online gambling sites through a trust ranking algorithm and then provides user reviews so you can have all your research done all in one place. Practice Safe Bets with

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