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Before deciding what poker room you are going to play or more importantly where who you will trust when depositing your money you should be looking for a site that provides honest information. Players need to look for in-depth reviews that cover every aspect of that poker room along with bonus codes. So you can be sure you will be choosing a top level poker room and receive the maximum reward for choosing that room. Bonus Internet Poker is providing that service and then some. They have listed over 15 online rooms that are top quality and have written honest reviews of each one including their own personal experiences playing there…and yes they have tested them all.

The site is operated by two poker players. Both of them have been playing online poker for a few years now with Frez the more skilled of the two providing poker strategy articles. Frez has been playing poker live for over 15 years now and divulges into not only Holdem but Razz, Stud and Omaha Hi Lo. He has a vast knowledge of theory and enjoys analysing the game which is why they are opening up their site for questions and answers. These can include your most basic “Did I play this hand right?” to more advanced reviewing of hands. Any player is welcome to request an analysis of their poker hands, and if you question is selected you will receive a personal email from Frez with his thoughts on your game as well as your question and his response posted on their site. His email address is available on the website.

Now we said there were two partners in this website - Cheryle part is to make sure that the site is filled with accurate information on leading poker rooms including features and poker bonus codes. She is beginning to expand her search into the European market for both poker and casino. She will be releasing a brand new section for European players within the coming weeks. If you are looking for some top rooms to play at or the best bonus available check out her section which includes rooms like Full Tilt and even Bodog bonus…..And don’t forget to send Frez your hands!

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